Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget

You don't have to spend a lot of money to sell a lot of books.

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You want to sell a lot of books,
but you don't have a lot of money.

You're an author on a tight budget. Or, maybe you've got some money, but you're tired of wasting it on marketing that didn't work.

You've poured everything into writing your book hoping to move thousands of readers with your words.

You've dreamed, hoped, maybe even prayed, that your book sales would take off. But, that reality has yet to come true.

It doesn't seem fair for your dream to die just because you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on marketing.

Is selling a lot of books only reserved for the elite authors with big budgets? No.

It's possible to sell a lot of books - even on a shoestring budget.

Like any author, you want to sell enough books to entertain or educate a lot of readers. You want to make enough money to write another book - maybe pay off some bills or take an extra vacation. You want your writing to become sustainable.

But, like too many authors, you might feel this way instead:

You're tired of seeing your book's Amazon sales rank languish week after week.

You're tired of searching on Google for free advice that doesn't seem to work.

You're tired of paying other people to do a job that you could do better yourself.

You just want someone to tell you what works and how to do it - at a price that doesn't break the bank.


You could be here one day...

Selling books isn't a complex riddle that authors must solve. It's a step-by-step process that any writer can follow. Simply put, if you learn to excel at these four marketing skills, you will naturally sell more books:

1. Connect with powerful book influencers
2. Use email to create book sales that you control
3. Advertise affordably on BookBub to avid readers in your genre
4. Build an active book launch team of rabid fans

Each one of these four tactics has the power to drive a lot of book sales. But, combine all four, and you put yourself in a position of strength!

Here's the best part…

The first marketing tactic (influencers) is absolutely free.
The second marketing tactic (email) costs less than $100 a month.
The third marketing tactic (BookBub ads) costs as little as $1 per day.
The fourth marketing tactic (launch team) doesn't cost a dime.

Each tactic works for selling novels and nonfiction. Each tactic works for self-published and traditionally-published authors. Each tactic even works if you're a first-time author or an established writer.

* Not familiar with BookBub ads? They're easy to create and a lot less expensive than money-guzzling Facebook advertising. And, unlike Amazon ads which are only available to KDP authors or Advantage users, BookBub ads are available to all authors.

You don't have to spend crazy sums of money to get crazy good results. Even on a shoestring budget, you can take your book sales to a higher level.

Let one of the most accomplished book marketing experts in the industry show you the way. When you know what to do and how to do it right, then you become the hero of your own author story!

Listen to Working Authors Who Took the Course:


“I purchased Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget in preparation to launch my fourth book. WOW! I wish I’d had this information when my first book was released. Every session is packed with doable action steps that any author can implement, whether traditionally-published or self-published. Don't miss out on Rob's valuable teaching.”
Erica W.

"Rob Eagar does a good job with the content, pacing, and usability of his instruction. Of all the courses an author could spend time watching, I find Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget to be the most practical."
Garret S.

"I'm a hope-to-be novelist and know zilch about social media, so I highly recommend Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget. Are you deliberating and wondering if this course is worth it? It is - totally!"
Nina P.

"Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget was worth every penny. Now, finally, I understand what an author platform entails and how to do it right."
Patricia W.

“In the book publishing labyrinth, authors need marketing gurus to guide them. Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget provides practical advice that translates into more book sales, more satisfied readers, and less wasted time. Rob Eagar will help you build the marketing platform today that will serve you best tomorrow.”
Elizabeth M.

“Rob Eagar made a subject that I dreaded, book marketing, more interesting by explaining the rationale for each step. I really enjoyed Sell Book on a Shoestring Budget with its clear, engaging, and practical suggestions."
Mike F.


Is Rob Eagar the right teacher for me?

When you seek advice on an important problem, what type of criteria do you use?

Do you blindly accept advice from strangers? Do you believe everything you read on the Internet? How do you know whom to trust?

Common sense says you should only accept advice from someone who has achieved the same goal that you're looking to accomplish.

It would be foolish to take financial advice from a broke person. It's silly to learn how to ski from someone sipping brandy in a chalet.

If you want to achieve a big goal, only take advice from someone who has gone out into the real world and already accomplished the same goal you're pursuing.

That would be me. Here's why…

Hi, I'm Rob Eagar. I've written six books, two as a traditionally-published author and four as an indie author. I understand the challenges that you face working with a publisher or doing everything on your own.

More importantly, I share your fascination with the power of books. Seventeen years ago, I woke up one day with a burning desire to write. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It took hold over me so deeply that I walked away from a cushy corporate sales job to pursue my dream.

But, I didn't know anyone or anything about the business of publishing, much less how to market a book. Since I'd just quit my job, I had no money to spend on advertising or publicity. So, I scoured the industry looking for advice and devoted myself to selling books on a shoestring budget. Here's what happened...

My first book sold over 50,000 copies and remained on the shelves in Barnes & Noble bookstores for 10 years. I built a national platform and connected with readers all across North America. Even better, I made a repeatable six-figure income from my book sales and spin-off revenue, which allowed my wife to quit her job and join me in building our business.

I successfully accomplished my dream - the same dream you cherish - to write a book, sell thousands of copies, and generate income to continue writing in the future.

Yet, I never imagined where my path would lead me next. Out of the blue, authors began to contact me for marketing advice. I was happy to share what I'd learned. But, the demand grew to the point that I realized a whole new opportunity: teach authors how to achieve - even surpass - the success that I'd attained.

In 2007, I launched a consulting practice called Wildfire Marketing dedicated to coaching authors and training personnel at publishing houses. Below are some of the dramatic results that I've helped create for clients:

  • Helped both fiction and nonfiction books hit the New York Times bestseller list
  • Rebranded multiple authors who became New York Times bestsellers
  • Revived a backlist book to hit the New York Times bestseller list after 23 years in print

Why should you listen to me? I'm not one of those fake experts who tells authors that success is being an Amazon bestseller for a day. Instead, I've repeatedly helped authors become New York Times bestsellers for the rest of their lives.

But, don't take my word for it. Here's what my bestselling clients say about the marketing advice they received from me:

“Rob Eagar gets great results and strategically places authors in the right spaces. I’m happy with what Rob did for me, and I highly recommend him.”
Dr. John Townsend
New York Times bestselling author of Boundaries

"I give Rob Eagar my highest recommendation. If you want to increase your book sales, make him the first person you hire.”
Lysa TerKeurst
5-time New York Times bestselling author

“Rob Eagar’s expertise helped me develop a new brand and create an exciting new website. It was beyond my expectations and included everything I asked for and more.”
Wanda Brunstetter
6-time New York Times bestselling novelist with over 10 million copies sold
“I recommend Rob Eagar to any author looking to take their book campaign to a higher level.”
Dr. Gary Chapman
#1 New York Times bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages


Course Details

Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget contains 16 concise, self-guided videos. You watch each session at your own pace and move as fast as your schedule allows. As you apply the material within each session, you will learn how to:

Module 1 - Connect with Online Book Influencers

  • Identify key online influencers who promote fiction and nonfiction books - for FREE
  • Build your own database of influencers to drive regular exposure
  • Use my proven templates to contact influencers and receive a positive response
  • Learn how to redirect an influencer's "no" into a "yes"
  • Connect with an influencer's large online audience to sell more books fast

Module 2 - Use Email to Create Book Sales that You Control

  • Attract new readers who turn into fans of your book
  • Build an email list that skyrockets sales when you launch a new book
  • Use my professional scripts to send 7 types of persuasive book-selling emails
  • Overcome email "writer's block" and send newsletters that sell
  • Control the ability to consistently drive book sales on a repeated basis

Module 3 - Advertise to Avid Readers Around the World

  • Use the BookBub advertising system to target avid readers in your specific genre
  • Buy ads that reach thousands of readers starting at $1 a day
  • Set up effective ads within minutes across multiple book retailers
  • Promote and sell your book into international markets
  • Fine-tune and scale ads as your budget grows

Module 4 - Secrets of a Successful Book Launch Team

  • Discover the difference between a basic vs. advanced launch team
  • Turn happy readers into your personal sales force
  • Download 10 professional communication scripts to motivate your team

Here's everything you receive in this course:

  • 16 concise teaching videos - several include detailed screenflows where you watch me show how to find influencers, attract email subscribers, build a launch team, and create effective ads
  • 5 "can't miss" professional scripts to confidently contact online influencers
  • 7 "must-have" templates to send persuasive book launch sales emails
  • Open access to email me questions and get quick answers
  • Access to watch the videos for 1 full year after you purchase
Individually, each of the marketing tactics that you will learn has the power to dramatically boost your book sales. But, when you combine all four (online influencers, email, launch teams, and BookBub advertising), you put yourself in a position of strength.

If you're not familiar with BookBub, it's an amazing online platform with millions of heavy readers and ardent book buyers. BookBub's new affordable advertising system (which is different from their Featured Deals service) enables you to target thousands of readers within your specific fiction or nonfiction genre. It's a marketing no-brainer that I'll show you how to master.


Why overpay for marketing knowledge, especially if you're on a shoestring budget?

Sure, there are other online courses for authors that you can buy. But, they usually make you sit through dozens of video lessons that last for hours and hours. It's like adding a part-time job to your already busy life.

Worse, a lot of courses charge eye-popping prices of $500 - $2,000! That's certainly not fair to authors on a shoestring budget.

Also, don't fall for the "lifetime access" claim touted by some online courses. No course stays open forever. And, if you don't intend to use the material right away, then "lifetime access" is of no benefit.

Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget condenses the key marketing tactics every author needs to know into a few easy steps. In less than 4 hours, you can watch all of the teaching videos, learn exactly what to do, and hit the ground running.

Here's my pledge to you:

  • I will simplify how book marketing works and show how easy it is to make progress.
  • I will teach you how to connect with influencers, reach new readers, and sell more books.
  • I will assume all of the risk. If you don't like the course, you get 30 days to request a full refund.

When you purchase Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget, you'll enjoy expert teaching and rapid answers to help you get results. Here's everything you receive in this course:

  • 16 concise teaching videos - several include detailed screenflows where you watch me show how to find influencers, attract email subscribers, build a book launch team, and create effective ads
  • 5 "can't miss" scripts to confidently contact online influencers
  • 7 "must-have" templates to send persuasive book launch sales emails
  • Open access to email me questions during the course period
  • Access to watch all videos for 1 full year after purchase


Expert answers come standard:

Rob is available 24/7 to take your questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?
It's easy and fun. The material is built on the Teachable platform, which is an industry leader in hosting online courses. You log-in to the course website from anywhere in the world and watch the lessons at your own pace. The 16 videos can be viewed on any computer, tablet, or smartphone device. In addition, my professional-quality influencer contact scripts and sales email templates are available as downloadable files for your use. Plus, I'm always available to answer your questions by email.
How long can I access the videos and download the course material?
You can watch the videos for 1 FULL YEAR after you purchase. This course is about taking decisive action and making progress quickly. If you can't watch the videos within a year and apply the instruction, then you aren't the right fit for the course at this time. By the way, don't fall for the "lifetime access" claim touted by some other online courses. No course stays open forever. If you don't intend to use the material right away to sell more books, then "lifetime access" is of no benefit.
What if I'm a first-time author with no platform or working on an upcoming book launch?
You are normal. Every author, including me and my New York Times bestselling clients, started at zero. I purposely designed the material in Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget to teach the foundational marketing techniques that work for every author - whether you're just starting out or already published several books. If you focus on laying the right marketing foundation, you'll succeed faster as a beginner and over the long term.
Will Rob answer any questions that I have about the course material?
Yes - I've got your back! You are never alone while taking this course. If you get stuck or need further clarification on a specific topic, email me your questions and get a quick answer at any time during the course period. I'm usually able to respond within 24 hours. Most authors tell me that their favorite part about taking this course is the ability to ask me questions and get expert answers.
Does this course guarantee that my book will become a bestseller?
No. This course does not guarantee specific book sales or achieving any type of bestseller status. However, I can promise that if you work through the lessons and apply the material, you will position yourself to sell more books than you are right now.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Absolutely. I stand behind this course 100%, because I know the material works. But, if you decide the course isn't right for you, contact me within 30 days of purchasing and I'll refund the entire price. How's that for peace of mind?
Can publishers or literary agents buy this course to use with their staff or authors?
No, this course is only available to individual authors for personal use. If you are a publishing house or literary agency who would like to use this material with your staff or authors, please contact Rob Eagar to purchase a multi-use license.

"If you want to take your author platform to the next level, I highly recommend Rob Eagar.”

DeVon Franklin
CEO of Franklin Entertainment, success coach, and New York Times bestselling author

“Working with Rob Eagar was a transformation about how the marketing and publishing world operates. He presented a clear operating philosophy, strategic thinking, and an encyclopedia of effective tactics to make our work more visible to the marketplace. Wish we’d known Rob years ago!”

Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt Ph.D.
New York Times bestselling authors of Getting the Love You Want

“Rob revolutionized how I market my novels and connect with readers. He gave me more fantastic ideas than I knew what to do with.”

Dani Pettrey
Bestselling novelist with over 300,000 copies sold

Enrollment for this course is currently closed.

If you have questions about how to sell books using affordable techniques, consider purchasing a 1:1 Private Author Coaching Session with Rob Eagar. Click here for details.

This course is closed for enrollment.